Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 19, Mon June 13: Espalais to Castet-Arrouy - 23.5 kms

The gite last night was delightfully alternative - saris for curtains - and volunteers that were Camino pilgrims themselves and could anticipate our every need. One woman from Paris had taken two weeks of her holidays to volunteer at the gite.  We much appreciated their kindness and, after a convivial breakfast time, we were sent on our way with bear-hugs all round. 

We certainly copped the full gamut of weather possibilities today from starting out in heavy rain to gale-force headwinds to light hail and, would you believe, to sunshine just in time for drying our clothes. 

The first village out was one on the list of the most beautiful villages in France, yet again. We loved wandering around the main square and marvelling at the configuration of roofs and the structure of the medieval buildings. 

We are staying in a 'gite communal' tonight (as opposed to a private one), so we fend for ourselves  in the communal kitchen. It's in a very old converted school building with school class photos everywhere, including above our beds. We're in a large 'classroom' with two other French women and, surprise, surprise, our Camino friend from Kentucky who loves mud! Since meeting her, we have been trying our darndest to love mud, too, but we wouldn't pretend to be there yet. I guess it would pay to fall in love with it quicker as, apparently, it's going to rain until Saturday and we'll no doubt be rounding many a corner to find yet more 'boue' (boo!). 

Over dinner, we had a great conversation with a young French couple who had just spent 5 months in NZ. They adored it and we're only too happy to rave on about all their fantastic experiences, while we quietly purred away.  

We love the different sense of camaraderie you get in the gite communals, as you often end up chatting  whilst drying the dishes or washing clothes together. 

We try to finish our day with the much loved night prayer from the NZ Prayer Book and especially appreciate the lines:
What has been done has been done;
What has not been done, has not been done;
Let it be. 
Bon Courage

Geoff & Lyn

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