Friday, June 10, 2016

DAY 16: Fri 10/6 Cahors – Montcuq 32.3 kms

We ended our stay in Cahors by going out to dinner with my brother who lives on London and his partner, Vlada. They just happened to be in the area at exactly the right time for us (!). It was very special as we don't get to see them very often. 
Our day began with around 100 deep steps up the side of the sheer cliff that took us out of Cahors. We walked through a wide range of terrain but, for the last couple of hours, it was white mud that clung to our boots and caused us to lose traction - it was like walking on ice.  

By midday we experienced thunderstorms so on with the ponchos for the rest of the afternoon. 

It took a while to find our gite tonight and when we inquired for directions at a supermarket they said that the gite had closed yesterday. They called the tourist office and they confirmed it. Anyway, we decided to try and get there to see for ourselves and we were delighted to be very warmly welcomed and told that, yes, they had been closed yesterday, but only for the day. Were we ever relieved!

We're staying in converted stables tonight and our horse's name is 'Caramel', the name above our 'bedroom'! There  are lots of touches of what the little screened off 'rooms' used to be five years ago and they've pulled off a charming renovation. 

Dinner with 6 other French people this evening wasn't as much fun as usual. We have found that usually a lot of effort has gone into making us feel included, but tonight there was none at all and my limited French didn't go far enough. Still, it was very good to feel, acutely, that sense of awkwardness & isolation that so many people feel back home when they don't have the language. Our host was extremely inclusive but she wasn't present for the meal. 

C'est la vie

Geoff and Lyn

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