Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 17, June 11: Montcuq - Durfort-Lacapelette - 26.1 kms

We were told to make sure we pronounced the 'q' for the name of the place we left today, Montcuq, because otherwise we would be saying the French for 'my arse'. Never let it be said that we asked a local for clear directions to 'my arse'.  Apparently, a bawdy TV skit was created around this town's name that has become famous and increased the tourism stakes of this little town considerably.  

Last night in our gite of converted stables it was rather noisy, as a couple of young colts in the adjoining stall were obviously relishing the chance to roll in the hay, whinnying and neighing to their heart's content. 

I had told Geoff that is was essential he have the mantra running through his mind: I will not snore and  cause a stampede. And it worked! Plus, no nightmares. 

We bolted out of our stable for breakfast,  enjoyed our oats with a couple from dinner last night who made a very good effort to communicate and we were soon cantering down the highway with the bit between our teeth, blinkered against all distractions. 

We must have climbed up and down around 5 very steep slopes today - one had a rope rail for us to cling to and another stakes at the side for us to hold. It was a case of poncho on, poncho off as the weather decided what to do. Yes there were stretches of mud, but mostly it was kind underfoot. 

We climbed high up the hillside to have our picnic lunch at the little town Lauzerte, classified as one of the most beautiful in France. After some time spent exploring the place, we couldn't agree more with this classification.  

The afternoon's walk was very challenging, but we eventually made it, exhausted, to our gite at 5:30 pm. We are sleeping in a converted pigeon loft tonight and are sharing it with a Kiwi woman from Nelson and two very friendly French guys. We have just enjoyed a hilarious dinner time together, sharing food and stories. 

Today we saw fields of what looked like bluegrass, which took us way back to the mid 80s when we had a stint in Kentucky. 

This Camino is by far the most physically rigorous of the three we've walked, but we are absolutely loving it and are seeking to live fully into each day. 


Geoff & Lyn

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