Monday, May 23, 2016

Arrived in Lyon France

After 24 hours plus with touchdowns in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai it was good to make it to Lyon in France.

We are staying in a guesthouse called Le Flaneur.  When you come in from the street you get such a sense of invitation and welcome. There is an enormous dining room come lounge with sinks, washing machines  and cooking facilities up one end. Further down there are lots of large sized dining tables which people were using when we arrived last night to play cards and enjoy some conviviality.  This communal space also has a reception bar which doubles as a place from which people can buy some refreshments which includes three beer taps.

 We slept in a uni sex dormitory with 16 people and the snoring and farting throughout the night sounded a little like a symphony! Sometimes however the percussion dominated! At times it sounded like Tchaikovsky's 1612 overture!

 We both slept quite well but we are suffering from jetlag. When the person underneath me arrived in from the night at 2 AM and stumbled around that was the end of my peaceful slumber for the night!

Le Flaneur  means the Wanderer. It was useful to get to our hostel from the train station by Google map instruction. Put the name and address into the search and Siri tells you when to go left and right.

Being a wanderer means being less certain of your destination-browsing, lounging or generally mooching and enjoying the surprises along the way.

 Something to think about as we explore Lyon today.

 Happy wandering to you today where ever you are.

Geoff & Lyn Pound

P.S. 'Not all who wander are lost'. J Tolkien

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  1. Hope the sleep patterns settle quickly. Nothing like a good long walk to help! Buen Camino!